By Eve Dyer

Ignite Your Power

Unmasking the Five Faces of Anger

Do you struggle to speak up during an argument?

Do you please others so they’ll like you?

Perhaps you prefer to seek approval instead of making your own decisions…or feel wounded by hurtful treatment but don’t know how to prevent it.

If so, this book shows how you can reduce your self-doubt, anxiety, and stress by building nine capabilities so you can challenge those who hurt, manipulate or control you.

It reveals how you can identify and challenge people who use deliberate strategies to get what they want, regardless of the harm they cause.

You will learn how to identify the five forms of anger, and which ones you and the people in your life use.

By discovering what stifles your personal power and use of Assertive anger, you can strengthen nine personal skills and capabilities. These will activate your personal power and fire-up your determination so you can use Assertive anger at the strength to suit each situation.


Eve Dyer

Clinical psychologist Eve Dyer has assisted more than 1,000 clients to heal their wounds, activate their personal power, and transform their lives. Over seventeen years, Eve explored the elements of self-belief, power, anger, personality traits, and learned patterns of behaviour. She identified the nine capabilities that reliability empower women to speak up and protect their rights.


It is a rare individual who has not experienced feelings of anger, either within themselves or as victims of anger inflicted by others. If, like me, you have been the victim of anger that left you disempowered by depression, anxiety, and in other ways emotionally damaged, this book is for you.

Eve’s book offers a path to understanding the five faces of anger and ways to reignite our personal power. Eve does not leave us merely in a state of ‘Ah-hah, that was why that happened’. She, through various case studies, states the problem and leads us through the methods she has used to help patients overcome their fears and self-doubts. 

Eve clearly sets out the ways to self-empowerment and the joy of self-realisation for women who had suffered from brutal treatment in varying degrees from their partners/husbands. Her book is also a textbook for other therapists in clearly defining the importance of understanding Anger as a sometimes fatal undertone to human relationships.

Di Fingleton
Treasurer Lyceum Club Brisbane
Former Chief Magistrate of Queensland

Book Launch!

I would like to acknowledge the Lyceum Club for hosting my book launch on 27th November 2019. I was honoured that Deborah Prior hosted the interview. I was grateful to Di Fingleton speaking about the foreword she wrote for the book.

I would like to acknowledge the Redcliffe Library for hosting my book launch on 2nd December 2019. I was honoured to have Jim Higgins conduct the interview. 

My grateful thanks to Astrid Kuenne for this beautiful website and for her expert design advice.

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