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As a clinical psychologist in private practice for over seventeen years, I have been privileged to share the journeys of more than one thousand clients. I have assisted them in healing their emotional and psychological wounds, often caused during childhood but sometimes caused during adulthood. Many of these clients are capable, sensitive, and caring people who were struggling with criticisms, manipulation, or aggression from their loved ones.

I explored the multifaceted aspects of self-esteem, self-doubt, individuality, independence, power, submission, manipulation, anger, control, and aggression. I discovered why people suppressed their power and how even a usually passive person could reliably activate their Assertive anger when needed. This book reflects the journey of clients who attend psychotherapy, so it’s written in everyday language. When clients resolved the doubts, hurts, and fears that stifled their power, they could activate their Assertive anger to speak up and to protect themselves.


Eve has distilled her professional experience as a clinical psychologist and her rich personal experience into a passionate and accessible guide to negotiating complex, difficult and destructive relationships.  She provides both a framework for understanding the psychopathology and personality disturbance that often underlies such relationships and practical strategies for healthy responses to the associated challenges.  

These are woven into compelling stories about the lives of people trapped in damaging relationships and the means by which they not only survived but thrived by actively taking on the challenges.  

While the focus of this book is primarily on the experiences and responses of women in relationships, it is a book that men will find equally valuable.  Men are often unprepared and devastated when relationships break down.  This book has the potential to transform the lives of such men through greater self-awareness as well as a deeper understanding of the emotional impact they have on their partners.

Adj. Prof. Robert King, FAPS


from anxiety, panic, past abuse, depression, grief, other issues


 unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving into positive self-belief, self-confidence, determination and assertiveness


yourself to live more fully and authentically, and enjoy contentment and peace of mind

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