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Empower Yourself

The book describes five forms of anger:

  • the one constructive, protective form of anger: Assertive anger
  • two angers that stifle personal power
  • two angers that are used to bully, manipulate, and control.

By fortifying your Assertive anger, you’ll be able to identify and challenge hurtful and harmful treatment. Ignite Your Power: Unmasking the Five Faces of Anger can awaken that which is already within you.

Sarah’s caring nature and her longing for a loving, intact family pushed her to meet their needs at the expense of her own. In her forties, feeling anxious and depressed but not wanting medication, she wanted to change – to be heard, to feel safe, and to prevent hurtful treatment. But how? With clinical psychologist Eve Dyer, Sarah heals her emotional wounds and learns to recognise harmful behaviours. She then develops skills and strategies to combat those who mistreat her. Your journey to empower yourself starts where you are now, with this insightful and practical book as your guide.

Discover how you can:

  • Identify the five forms of anger and their purpose
  • Replace restrictive beliefs that disempower you
  • Strengthen nine capabilities to activate your Assertive anger
  • Develop skills and strategies to combat unwanted treatment
  • Use your personal power to reshape your life.


Part 1: Recognising the Different Angers

Part 2: Losing Access to Assertive Anger

Part 3: Developing Nine Capabilities to Activate Assertive Anger

Part 4: Converting Angers Arising From Vulnerability

Part 5: Protecting Against Angers Arising From Entitlement

Part 6: Continuing Your Journey

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Since reading Eve’s book, I have come to understand why I had trouble finding that middle ground of an assertive stance with loved ones. The examples in Ignite your Personal Power really helped me to understand why a certain person lashes out quite illogically at times, and how I could react to that assertively. I am now standing up for myself more. Being someone who has experienced violence in past times, I only wish I had read this book earlier.  

J. Lancaster


Eve Dyer’s book is a wonderful read. A great resource for those that have experienced the wrath of Destructive or Narcissistic anger in their relationships, as well the people that work with them. I found myself using lessons I had learned in the book when working with women who have been in abusive relationships.
My personal favourite parts of the book are the short one-liners at the end of every few pages. They are easy to remember, almost as affirmations to keep you on track.

If you want to unlearn the habitual responses you use in situations where you feel unable to speak up for yourself, this book shows you, step-by-step, how to re-train yourself to respond effectively and assertively so that your message is hear.

T. Mackie

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