Eve Dyer
Eve Dyer

I speak on a range of topics about women empowering themselves in the home, workplace and community. These include:

– Healing emotional wounds to increase emotional resilience

– Using Personal Power to speak with conviction and strength

– Identifying the signs of danger to protect yourself

– Keeping a clear, focused mind during conflict

– Developing strategies to prevent unwanted treatment.


These and more are detailed in the six sections in Ignite Your Power: Unmasking the Five Faces of Anger.

Part 1: Recognising The Different Angers

Part 2: Losing Access To Assertive Anger

Part 3: Develop Nine Capabilities To Activate Assertive Anger

Part 4: Converting Angers Arising From Vulnerability

Part 5: Protecting Against Angers Arising From Entitlement

Part 6: Continuing Your Journey


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Eve Dyer at FAWQ Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland

During my 35-year career in information technology development and senior management in South Africa, the UK, Australia and Canada, I gave presentations to staff, management and directors. I also developed and conducted technical and project management training to staff on a range of topics. 

As a clinical psychologist for twenty years (now retired), mostly in private practice, I developed and conducted workshops, seminars and training on a range of psychological topics. These occurred in South Africa, Germany, and in Brisbane and Melbourne. I am a member of two Toastmasters Clubs. 

DFV Prevention Honour Roll logo
Domestic Violence and Family Violence Prevention Honour Roll certificate awarded to Eve Dyer

Adj. Prof. Robert King, PhD, FAPS

Eve has distilled her professional experience as a clinical psychologist (now retired) and her rich personal experience into a passionate and accessible guide to negotiating complex, difficult and destructive relationships. She provides both a framework for understanding the psychopathology and personality disturbance that often underlies such relationships and practical strategies for healthy responses to the associated challenges.

These are woven into compelling stories about the lives of people trapped in damaging relationships and the means by which they not only survived but thrived by actively taking on the challenges.

While the focus of this book is primarily on the experiences and responses of women in relationships, it is a book that men will find equally valuable. Men are often unprepared and devastated when relationships break down. This book has the potential to transform the lives of such men through greater self-awareness as well as a deeper understanding of the emotional impact they have on their partners.


Your narrative is very well written, well illustrated with examples, and well structured, as well as being comprehensive in its coverage of the subject of finding one’s power, understanding anger, and developing the capacity for assertive anger. The whole book is based on the premise that anger can be both helpful and harmful, and has, as you identify, five faces. Having described the different forms of anger, you explore the patterns of emotion, thought and behaviour that can mask our access to assertive anger, how to develop the capabilities for assertive anger, and how to convert the dysfunctional forms of anger into empowering, protective ways of thinking and behaving.

Throughout, you use many rich, detailed stories of ‘composite’ and fictional clients to illustrate the patterns of communication and belief that stop us from wielding our personal power.

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