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It is a rare individual who has not experienced feelings of anger, either within themselves or as victims of anger inflicted by others. If like me, you have been the victim of anger that left you disempowered by depression, anxiety, and in other ways emotionally damaged, this book is for you.

Eve’s book offers a path to understanding the five faces of anger and ways to re-ignite our personal power. Eve does not leave us merely in a state of ‘Ah-hah, that was why that happened.” She, through various case studies, states the problem and leads us through the methods she has used to help patients overcome their fears and self-doubts.

Eve clearly sets out the ways to self-empowerment and the joy of self-realisation for women who had suffered from brutal treatment in varying degrees from their partners/husbands. Her book is also a textbook for other therapists in clearly defining the importance of understanding Anger as a sometimes fatal undertone to human relationships.

Di Fingleton
Former Chief Magistrate of Queensland
(an extract from my book’s Foreword)

Eve Dyer’s book is a wonderful read. A great resource for those that have experienced the wrath of Destructive or Narcissistic anger in their relationships, as well the people who work with them.
A large portion of my job is working with women who have been in abusive relationships. I found myself using lessons I had learned in the book during my discussions with these women on a daily basis.

A narcissist’s viewpoint, in Chapter 24, I feel is a brilliant stand-alone part of the book. Even taken out of context of the rest of the book, it still provides a very short and distinct reality check for those experiencing the unfairness of dealing with those that use Narcissistic anger.

My personal favourite parts of the book are the short one-liners at the end of every few pages. They are very easy to remember and carry around in your head during the day, almost as affirmations to keep you on track.

If you want to unlearn the habitual responses you use in situations where you feel unable to speak up for yourself, this book shows you, step-by-step, how to re-train yourself to respond effectively and assertively so that your message is heard.

T. Mackie