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Ignite Your Power!

Do you want to live without fear or anxiety restricting you?
Do you want to speak up and act assertively?
Can you challenge harmful people who appear charming or caring?

By developing the nine empowering capabilities described in Eve’s book, you will have:

– the personal power to speak out and protect yourself
– the skills and strategies to challenge manipulation and unwanted treatment
– the determination and self-belief to reshape your life to suit you.

Extract from Chapter 1:

The transformation begins …

If you are a sincere, thoughtful, or compassionate person, someone who gives people the benefit of the doubt and hates conflict, you may fall prey to those who deceive, manipulate, or dominate. If you doubt yourself or often feel, anxious or stressed, you may struggle to challenge unwanted treatment. If so, this book provides a pathway for you to identify what stifles your power and how you can develop the mine capabilities that transform self-limiting patterns into empowering ones. Fortified with Assertive anger, you will be able to challenge those who disrespect or mistreat you.

Your path to empowerment starts where you are right now. Whether you lack self-confidence, feel powerless, or have tried solutions that failed, you can empower yourself with Assertive anger.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Such a useful and powerful book
This book is a powerful tool for helping people understand how their assertive anger can be useful and powerful! It has enabled me to make important choices that serve my needs rather than the needs of other antagonistic and aggressive forces. It’s such an engaging read and the scenarios that the writer uses to illustrate her insights and observations make so much sense! It’s a book that I will keep referring to well into the future.

J. Lancaster

Since reading Eve’s book, I have come to understand why I had trouble finding that middle ground of an assertive stance with loved ones. The examples in Ignite your Personal Power really helped me to understand why a certain person lashes out quite illogically at times, and how I could react to that assertively. I am now standing up for myself more. Being someone who has experienced violence in past times, I only wish I had read this book earlier.

R. Bugden

Eve’s book changed my life. It is a book for everyone who has ever had their voice silenced, told to be quiet, or told how to fit into the world. Ignite Your Power has real strategies for healing emotional wounds, especially those from childhood, and gives its reader the strength to speak up, be heard, and be present in each moment.
I’ve been recommending it to everyone! I can’t speak highly enough of the book; wish I’d read it years ago!

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

5.0 out of 5 stars
Thank-you for sharing. My favourite take home message is: Care for yourself, be true to yourself, come home to yourself.

Aged care centre RN

I’m enjoying the book so much, so beautifully written. It flows as you read it. Very happy with the index. Now I understand about anger.

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